Folic acid and Iodine supplementation during Pregnancy

Both folic acid and iodine are essential nutrients during pregnancy and ideally would be obtained adequately from an individuals diet. However research indicates that iodine and folic acid deficiencies are highly prevalent world wide and can have major impacts on mother and baby. Deficiencies often occur even with fortification of the main stream food supply with these nutrients and thus supplementation of folic acid and iodine is recommended during pregnancy amongst other vital nutrients.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that although the number of countries with iodine deficiency as a public health concern has halved, 54 countries remain iodine deficient. Although the data on folate deficiencies is not as clear folate deficiencies has been highlighted as a public health concern for pregnant women worldwide.
Iodine is required for adequate thyroid function and deficiencies can lead to goitres, delayed brain development, hypothyroidism and increased infant and maternal death during pregnancy and birth.

Folate is essential for healthy cell growth and repair. Folate or folic acid deficiencies can lead to neural tube defects (spina bifida) and/or congenital heart defects.
Thus to avoid detrimental outcomes for mother and child the World Health Organisation suggests supplementation of 400 micrograms of folic acid daily and 250 micrograms of iodine daily.
The Australian recommended daily intakes of iodine and folic acid during pregnancy are 220 micrograms and 600 micrograms respectively.

It is therefore important to select a pregnancy multivitamin that has adequate amounts of folate (in the form of either folic acid or folinic acid) and iodine compared to recommended daily intakes for pregnant women. Supplements do not replace a healthy wide variety diet but provide additional amounts of these nutrients in order to meet daily requirements and may prevent adverse effects of deficiencies of these nutrients.

Sunpab’s Mum-2-B Gold provides 500 micrograms of folate in the form of folinic acid daily. Administration of Folinic Acid bypasses the deconjugation and reduction steps required for Folic Acid. Orally administered Folinic Acid deemed to be more metabolically active ( bioavailability of 92%) form of folate. Folinic Acid is more readily transported through the blood brain barrier into the central nervous system and has a longer half life in the body than Folic Acid.

Sunpab’s Mum-2-B Gold also provides 220 micrograms of iodine daily which meets the recommended daily intakes of iodine by pregnant women.


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Research suggests many pregnant women do not receive adequate amounts of iodine during pregnancy or whilst breast feeding—Choose a Pregnancy formula with iodine and added essential nutrients for optimal pregnancy outcomes.

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