What is EyeMax™?

Sunpab Health’s EyeMax™ is formulated to preserve healthy adult eye function and provide nutrients important to the macular region of the eye.

To maintain eye health, it is vital that we consume adequate vitamins through our diet and supplementation. Healthy eyes need adequate circulation, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to maintain adequate function.

What is in it?

EyeMax™ contains natural herbs and carotenoids such as bilberry, lutein and fish oil, antioxidants and minerals all in the one tablet.

  • Bilberry is high in vitamins A and C and may support the health of the eye and circulatory system by maintaining healthy connective tissue formation, strengthening the blood vessel walls in the eye, reducing inflammation, providing antioxidant activity and improving microcirculation.
  • Lutein is a carotenoid which may assist in the prevention of age related macular degeneration conditions.
  • Fish oil with a high DHA content is also present due to its importance in the healthy development of the eye. Fish oil is also required for the carotenoids to absorb effectively into the eye. Lutein assists in strengthening eye tissues and providing elasticity.

EyeMax™ also contains Vitamins A, C & E, zinc, selenium and copper in specific quantities which has been scientifically shown to prolong the progression of age related macular degeneration (Arch Ophthalmology 2001; 119:1418-1436).

What can EyeMax™ do for me?

  • Reduce stresses on eyes caused by pollution, computer use and harsh sunlight
  • Reduce oxidative damage and chance of age related eye conditions

What are the special features of EyeMax™?

  • Contains Fish Oils in with high DHA which target the eyes
  • Contains herbals, vitamins and minerals
  • Listed in Australia by TGA as a medicine