Our team consists of Naturopaths, Pharmacists, sports nutritionists, medical consultants and other experienced practitioners who have emphasised their attention to detail and ingredient choice which is visible in the Kissun Pharmaceuticals range. All products undergo strict evaluation and testing so that the patient receives full benefits from the product.

Kissun Pharmaceuticals employs staff from a diverse range of backgrounds, majority are health professionals.

Andrew Kissun

Founder Kissun Pharmaceuticals. Medication Review Consultant and Pharmacist

“We believe in our products because we know they are of superior quality, formulated by our professional research and development team.

We will continue to be the leaders in complimentary healthcare internationally.”
Share our vision and values; share our products and our dream.

Rowena Kissun

Clinical Naturopath, Director of Whitsunday Health Clinic and Whitsunday Medical Tours in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Rowena has been heavily involved in the Research and Development of the Kissun Pharmaceutical Range and works closely with Ariya Health (Australia), Medicell (Singapore), Yanhee (Thailand) and other distributors to increase the understanding of these superior products into the practitioner only sphere of healthcare.

Kissun Pharmaceuticals offers quality natural health solutions. Their products fulfill stringent GMP & TGA quality control standards. The brand is only available as a practitioner only supplement worldwide maintaining our dedication to practitioners.

Our Policy:

Kissun Pharmaceuticals strives for quality, safety and efficacy in our dedicated research, manufacture and sale.

The company is involved in:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  • Herbal/Nutritional Supplement Manufacture
  • Medical Device Manufacture
  • Raw Material Sourcing
  • Formulations
  • Packaging